Here are some sample sections you can download in PDF format. They give a good overview of the organization, depth, and clarity of the text and illustrations. Click on the title to download. You will need Adobe Acrobat to view them, and it’s available (for free) here if you don’t have it.

intro.pdf This is the beginning of the book, including both the introduction and the table of contents.
shooting.pdf The first few pages of the chapter on how to shoot a bow, showing the illustrations and clear step-by-step method.
arrows.pdf A sample from the section describing the equipment. This particular passage is on arrows and arrowheads.
  repair.pdf There is also a section on maintaining, repairing, and
making equipment. This passage describes how to install nocking point

You can also use Amazon’s “Look Inside” function to see some of the pages of the book, to get a feel for what Teaching Archery to Kids is all about. It’s got a lot of clear illustrations and thorough organization to make your job easier. Check it out here.

Here’s a small sample of what’s inside Teaching Archery to Kids:

Images and text are integrated to aid in understanding

Clear illustrations explain complex ideas

Well-organized charts are easy to follow