Free Stuff

The best things in life are free, and that goes for archery too. Tired of trying to smash your copy of Teaching Archery to Kids onto the copier? Click to download printable versions of teaching aids, target faces, patterns, and more.  Think of it as a present from me to you. You’re even welcome to use them if you haven’t bought a copy of my book. If you enjoy these and find them useful, please consider buying one of my books to help me with the costs of maintaining this site.

Right-click on the file name to save the it to your hard drive, or click it to open it in your browser. Unless it says otherwise in the notes, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view & print these files. It’s free, and you can get it here. Enjoy!

Note: I am adding these downloads as I have time, so if there isn’t a logo next to the file name, I haven’t made that freebie yet. Check back again later.

Teaching Aids- These print on letter sized paper.

anatomy-arrow.pdf A nice handout showing the parts of the arrow.
anatomy-bow.pdf A nice handout showing the parts of the bow (camp, recurve, as well as compound). Please note, this file has three pages to it.
bowhand.pdf You can paste these two images to a piece of cardbard, cut them out, and lay one over the other to show kids what different aiming views look like.
target.pdf Basic target face dimensions.

Target Faces- (coming soon) These print on larger paper. You can take these files to Staples or other printing places and plot them on 24″x36″ paper. Its not a very cost effective way to make a lot of targets, but you could make one this way, then trace it on white butcher paper for future targets.

fita-24.pdf The standard face for international competition, at medium distances

Patterns- These are from the book, and maybe even some new ones. Some require a larger printer, and will say so in the notes.

bracer.pdf A basic bracer (armguard) pattern from page 122 in the book
tabs.pdf Patterns for fingers and tabs, on the same sheet of paper, from page 124 in the book
quiver.pdf The quiver pattern from page 126 in the book. If you want to print it out actual size, take it to Staples or some place with a large format printer and tell them you want it printed out at 400% size.