About the Author
Jim “Fletch” Fanjoy has over 25 years of archery experience, and has instructed hundreds of young archers at summer camps across the country. He makes his own bows, arrows, and tackle. Archery is a generations-old tradition in his family, being passed down from his grandfather (a champion archer in California in the early fifties) to his father to him.

About the Cover Artist
Born in Canada, Frank Victoria spent his childhood in France, near the Swiss border. He did his studies at the Arts Decoratifs in Strasbourg, where he joined Claude Lapointe’s illustration atelier. His first jobs were for the juvenile press. He also went to do storyboarding work for an animation studio. Moving to Paris, he drew his first short comics for Spirou magazine, where he introduced his Scotish character ‘Kilt le Picte’. The series was then published in two volumes by Editions Delcourt. A true traveller, he moved to London and then to New Zealand. There, he continues his artistic work, working as a lead concept artist at Weta Workshop on such films as “Tintin” and “The Hobbit“.